My Gym Experience

post_1_gym_1Every guy out there wants to look like Ranveer and every girl out there wants to look like Deepika padukone. They do everything they can to gain that body. But the real question is do they get what they want? I myself fantasized about getting a body like that. July of 2014 was the first time I signed myself with a gym. I wanted to look really slick on the day of my brother’s wedding. The gym I enrolled myself into was not a fancy one. It was one of those budget gyms where a dude on high protein diet would call himself the trainer and he would be the only trainer there. And the most funny part is we all would call him “master” which at first felt really awkward but later on we got used to it. I was not the only one who enrolled to that gym. Me and my college mate went together. First few weeks were like Rocky’s training montage and we felt like Rocky Balboa everyday. Not to mention the pain we had to deal with for the first few weeks but the pain was like an opportunity for us to boast to our friends. We would be like “Machan samma pain da…Yesterday biceps workout dawwwww”. After a month our monthly unit tests started and we started to bunk the gym. That’s where everything started to fall. We slowly started to loose the spirit and we discovered that our “master” did not know anything about workout. We would walk up to him and ask about chest workout and he will give us advice on biceps. The best part about going to a local gym is the type of people you meet there. You can never meet such people anywhere else. 4 types of people you can meet in most of the local gyms.

  1. The over enthusiastic guy. He would look like Kadhal konden Dhanush and will be trying to lift a 15kg dumbells. He will be the only guy using each and every single equipment in the whole gym.
  2. The orgasm guy. This guy will shout to the top of his lungs while lifting weights and make people around him really uncomfortable.
  3. The “do nothing” guy. He comes to gym to text his girlfriend because his mom will be spying on him if he does that in his house and also he would go around and talk to everyone in the gym. But he won’t workout.
  4. The “vetti scene Bahubali”.He will be one of the few guys who does some useful workout in gym but he also gives free irritating advice on diet, how to workout and also would wear a tank top to “flaunt” his body unnecessarily.

And slowly our days in gym started to become an extention of our time in college and all we did was chat and have a relaxed evening everyday. One of the highlights of the gym was they did not play any pump up songs or motivational tracks. We had a TV set in that gym where the only channels they tune into are Sun Music and Isai Aruvi. Me and my friend would step into the gym with a plan of working our asses out and the most beautiful love songs of Ilayaraja and A.R.Rehman will change our mindset and we end up on my friend’s house terrace , spending rest of the evening eating bakodas and listening to music. But by some miracle I did lose some weight before my brother’s wedding and my friend gained some shape and we both were happy with the results. I still find some time to hit the gym as I have gained some weight again. But one thing is for sure, Men may join and men may leave but the gyms like these will go on forever.


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