Best smart watch for Rs.1000!!!-DZ09

dz09_5Smart watches are taking up the center stage slowly. After the introduction of the Apple watch and Android wears people’s attention is slowly moving towards gadgets they can wear. Not because they really need one but just because they want one to literally “show off” :P. But not everyone can afford Apple watch and Android wears.  It does not make any sense for a budget  guy like me  to invest so much on a watch. But guess what YOU TOO CAN OWN A SMART WATCH that looks cool and also does lot more than just showing time.

DZ09 is a budget smart watch that sells for around Rs.700 to Rs.990 (roughly around $15) in all the e-commerce sites like Amazon, ebay, Flipkart, etc. There are various names for the same product with almost the same features but a slightly modified UI and design like the GT08 and U8. But the best seller among them is the DZ09.


The DZ09 has a 240×240 full touch display with 500 MHz MTK 6260A processor, 128 Mb RAM, 64 Mb ROM and a 380 MaH battery. It has a SIM CARD SLOT (Yes!!!! You heard me right!!! A FREAKIN’ SIM CARD SLOT) and micro SD card slot that supports upto 32 Gb storage expansion (You heard me right again!!!! Its got an SD card slot) and a 0.3mp VGA camera(Whaaaaattttttt!!!!!). Its got bluetooth which it uses to connect to other devices like your smart phone or bluetooth speakers or headsets. Its got a Micro USB slot for charging  and also to connect to headsets with micro USB cable.


This might be the best Chinese product that I have ever used. And surprisingly you get what you see in those images, The DZ09 looks stylish. The colors are looking beautiful. It has a premium finish to it with silicon strap and alloy dial. For the most part it definitely exceeded my expectations.


Now this is a long list. With specs like that for Rs.1000, the stuffs thats you can do with this watch is really good.

  1. You can connect your watch to your smart phone and then all your phone notifications will be redirected to your watch by using an app called BT notifier on your smart phone.
  2. You can read all your text messages that arrive to your phone from your watch itself.
  3. You can make remote calls in your phone from your watch using its dialer and you can also speak in the watch itself during a remote call as it has an in built speakers and a mic.
  4. You can access your phone’s camera remotely from your watch remotely and also capture images.
  5. You can play your phone’s audio files remotely in your watch’s audio player. And trust me, the inbuilt speaker is loud, like REALLLYYYY LOUUDD!!!
  6. All your phone’s contacts will be automatically synced to your phone as long as you are connected to your phone ( You can also store contacts in your watch ).
  7. This watch can also be used as a stand alone mobile phone as it supports SIM card.
  8. You can capture images and videos(Videos can be taken only in middle and top variants of the DZ09 watch) from the inbuilt camera. Obviously you cannot expect a superior quality images from a 0.3 Mp camera but short distant images are acceptable.
  9. You can play your audio files in your watch’s inbuilt audio player that are stored in your SD card.
  10. You can play videos and also listen to live radio from your watch but these two features are available only in middle and top variants.
  11. You can change your watch’s wallpaper and slide animation also but these features are only available in middle and top variants.
  12. You can also use Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter from your watch directly using your SIM’s data pack, but this feature unfortunately works only in few watches and not all of them.
  13. And last but not the least, you have all your fitness related features such as pedometer, sleep monitoring and sedentary monitoring which works very well. My pedometer was accurate to about 95-97% of the time.


  1. DZ09 charges from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes(maximum 20 minutes in some cases).
  2. With the bluetooth paired, pedometer running in the background and with occasional media usage and phone calls from my watch, I got up to 18 hours of battery back up.
  3. With SIM card on my watch along with all the above functionalities I could manage up to 12 hours of battery backup.
  4. Its got a tremendous standby time of up to 3 to 5 days based on whether you have left your bluetooth on or off.


Now this is the best and worst part of this watch. The best part is if you are lucky enough you can get the top variant of the watch for Rs.900 and if you are unlucky like me 😛 you will end up with the bottom variant of this watch for the same Rs.900. This is widely because this watch, the DZ09’s are not yet established and many do not even know that such a product even exist. Due to this reason, even the sellers of this watch are not aware of its actual features and they don’t even know that 3 versions of this watch exist. And hence they end up selling all the 3 variants for almost the same price point. In fact, if you are extremely lucky, you will end up with the top end variant even for a price lower than Rs.900.

  • Low end variant : No social media features(No guarantee that this feature will work) , no video player or video capturing feature, no radio and you cannot change the background image and menu slide animation.
  • Middle variant : You get all the above features.
  • Top variant : You get all the above features and also a brighter and more crisper display.

Here is a Youtube link that will show you the different versions of this watch. Video is in some Srilankan language, but you can still understand what the person is coming to say. Here’s the link


YESSSSSS!!!! Thats right. You get an awesome developer support for this watch. How???? Well here’s how it works. There are lot of websites offering the Firmware of different versions of DZ09 for free along with flashtools and tutorials. There are also Youtube videos giving instructions on how to flash firmware in to this smart watch. So if you get a low version of this smart watch, you don’t have to worry because you can still flash the firmware of the top end version of this watch and get the job done. These are some links that can help you with this,

FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS MIGHT ALSO RUIN YOUR WATCH IF YOU DO IT WRONG. But it’s just Rs.900. I don’t think it will hurt too much even if you brick it. You can still unbrick it using the original firmware.


To make a short story long, this DZ09 smart watch is definitely worth for every penny you spend on it. Its got awesome features even flagship smart watches like apple watch and android wears don’t have. This can be an awesome first smart watch for if you are new to smart watches. To make a long story short GO BUY THIS DZ09. IT’S WORTH IT.


3 thoughts on “Best smart watch for Rs.1000!!!-DZ09

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Vignesh ! Your attention to detail is amazing ! I am sure many would become interested in trying out DZ09. But as you know there is a movement against buying Chinese goods in favour of those made in India. On that count I think I will remain satisfied with the old watch I have !


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