Top 10 Tamil Movies Of 2016

befunky-collageIts been a fabulous year so far and also for Kollywood. Like any other year, our Tamil film industry has not failed to provide us with marvelous entertainment and with some really good movies that we can always watch and enjoy. One thing is for sure, our ongoing assessment proves that, whether at the multiplex or the art house, filmgoers have already been blessed with a bounty of great offerings in 2016. so without any further delay, let us jump right in to the list of Top 10 tamil movies of 2016( so far 😛 ).


pichaikkaran-audio-launch-invitation-2Pichaikkaran is undoubtedly, one of the best movies of 2016. This movie was not praised for its acting performances but for its different script and the way it was presented by the director to the audience. Not to mention the fact that one of the best scene from the movie has been trending a lot lately, the scene in which a beggar suggests to ban the notes of 500s and 1000s to abolish black money. Instead of movies taking inspirations from real life politicians, for the first time politicians have started to take inspiration from a movie for the right cause. What ever it is, you have to praise  the protagonist Vijay Antony for his brilliant choice of script which was good enough to overshadow his negativities in terms of acting performance.


kabali-movie-special-posters-2A story of a retired Gangster who comes back from prison to take revenge on his enemies who were responsible for the loss of his pregnant wife. Who else can suit the role of an old gangster other than our very own Superstar Rajnikanth. This movie was solely dependent on the performance of the lead characters and the actors who played the lead roles had done justice to the roles. This movie was critically well acclaimed for its story, direction and performances of Rajnikanth stating that this was a movie in which Rajni has displayed his true acting talents after a long time but received mixed reviews from average audience point of view (so did Visaranai from 2015 😛 ) may be because of its high expectation and the way it was promoted as a commercial film but then turned out to be not so commercial in the theatres ( Not to mention its mystery climax ). On the hole Kabali was one of the best movies of 2016 without any question.


sethupathi-tamil_film_posterThis movie had everything to make it to the list. It had exciting action sequences, comedy that made us laugh (and not feel embarrassed in front of our kids or parents), romance, the mass element, you name it!! Its definitely one of the best movies by Vijay Sethupathi so far and his performance as an accused cop was commendable. Nivas K. Prasanna‘s music was a major reason for the movie’s success and the negative role portrayed by Vela Ramamoorthy received a lot of positive response from both critics and also from the audience. Sethupathi is definitely one of the best cop stories of the year 2016.


irudhi_suttruPrabhu Selvaraj (Madhavan), a boxer, is ignored by the boxing association. He tries to accomplish his dream by training Madhi (Rithika Singh), an amateur fighter. This movie came out of no where without much anticipation and promotion and rocked the box office and also the audience. This movie gained a lot of positive reception in both Tamil and Hindi (Saala Khadoos). Debutant director Sudha K Prasad did a great job in juicing out the performance from all the characters which reflected very well in each and every frame of the movie. Iruhti Suttru had some really inspiring moments in the movie and also the relationship between the trainer and his student was picturized beautifully in the movie.



They say third time’s a charm, but it has been a charm every single time for this filmmaker as he delivers yet another fine movie with Aandavan Kattalai.Manikandan knows his strengths, carefully lacing the messages in the film which are buried in an undercurrent of fabulous comedy.The screenplay has been written by three people, Manikandan, Anucharan, and Arul Chezhiyan. The trio has made sure that the film does not deviate from the core plot.The film delivers the social message while not being too preachy about it.While it is slow at some points, the film more than makes up for it in the two hour ride of fun. Vijay Sethupathi potrays the character with ease proving his acting mettle yet again. Ritika Singh,though not having much of screen space gives an honest performance.A special mention to Yogi Babu who gives the audience many places to chuckle and also scores in an emotional scene.The film is backed up by a pretty strong cast who are all effective in their various characters.With regard to the technical details, the songs, as montages contribute beautifully and the transitions used suit the overall feel of the film.Overall, it is an entertaining film that also effectively puts forth the social issue.



Appa is Samuthrakani’s latest addition to his movies that shed light on current generation social issues. To justify the movie’s title, Appa is a film that revolves around 3 types of fathers and their way of bringing up their children. It does get preachy at times but the movie does not make you yawn at any point. It emphasises on many problems faced by children.Prominent among them is the little-known horrible life students lead in the educational institutions and the manipulation which influential people resort to, for justifying the wrong doings. These things make this movie a must watch for current generation and next generation parents as it tells them how to bring up their child and how not to pressurize the kids in the name of insuring their bright future.

4. Kutrame Thandanai

covxhxdumaax4fmFor a film that deals with crimes and its subsequent punishments, Kutrame Thandanai, refreshingly never gets heavy-handed.While Manikandan’s filmmaking is restrained, curiously, it is Ilaiyaraaja’s unusually insistent score, which keeps underscoring every key moment in a dramatic fashion, that feels tonally off, though the immersive sound design makes up for it.It is the climax that somewhat lets the film down as it feels unconvincing and filmi as Manikandan introduces a twist involving Ravi and Swetha that removes the ambiguousness in this tale. And the performance delivered by Vidarth is definitely one of the best that he has delivered so far, as he handles the character of a person with tunnel vision with ease and grace. Kutrame Thandanai is definitely one of the most underrated movies of 2016 .



Ammani might just be one of the crown jewels in the history of Kollywood. This movie has got everything, great acting, excellent screenplay, meaningful story, everything that is required to make a great movie. Ammani is an exploration of how money plays a crucial part in determining our relationships and tells us that our lives will be much better if we learn to live for ourselves, and with very little expectations, but the manner in which these messages are conveyed is hardly preachy. As she did with her directorial debut Aarohanam, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan once again tells us a life-affirming tale shorn of the melodrama that creeps into many such films. The credit should definitely be given to the director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and we hope to see more of her with better content in the future.



This story revolves around a middle aged man Mannar. Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) is a middle-aged man who questions the loopholes of democracy and government rule. But the police officials and general people consider him as ‘paithiyam’. What made Mannar feel responsible as a citizen? What made him question the government and protest against them? The film answers it beautifully, filled with emotions. Joker is the kind of movie that totally deserved to be the best movie of the year but unfortunately due to lack of star value and proper promotion, such movies goes unnoticed, which is a pity. Joker is a must watch movie for each and every responsible citizen of this country.



And the winner is URIYADI!!!! Yes. I am pretty sure that most of you guys out there don’t even know that such a movie exist. Guess what, Uriyadi is without any questions, is the best movie of the year and might as well end up in one of the best movies of the decade. This movie revolves around 4 college friends who live life without any worries but things start to turn around slowly and hell breaks lose in their lives making things tough and the rest of movie is about whether they get out of the mess or not. This is a film where there is very little time for romance, but the few minutes that we get are effective and believable. And even though there is friendship, this theme is dealt with in a refreshingly low-key manner, and doesn’t get underscored as it does in the films of Samuthirakani and Sasikumar. The climax might seem immoral and unlawful to some, but with its deft handling of a subject that is a double-edged sword, Uriyadi displays a daring that belies its small-budget, first-film credentials, and stakes its claim in the list of the best films of the year.






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  1. Rohit

    Nice Read. Loved the way you contemplated the Description without Revealing much of the Story . But I still feel you missed out a lot of classic Vintage Movies in this list .


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