Top 10 Rare Things You Did Not Know About Jayalalithaa


newspapercuttingDecembers have never been kind to Tamilnadu. It was the December of 1987 when Tamilnadu lost its Puratchi Thalaivar Dr.MGR. December of 2004 affected thousands of coastal people of Tamilnadu as it brought down hell in the form of a natural disaster named Tsunami. December of 2015 saw the city of Chennai float in a flood that was recorded to be the largest flood in 100 years which created some serious damage to the city and its residents and gave us all some haunting memories. Its now December of 2016 and the entire country mourns the loss of its Honb’l  Chief Minister “Iron Lady” Dr.J.Jayalalithaa. Among a cloud of controversies that surrounded her all the time, she never backed up from any of her problems and faced them with will power and bravery. Indeed she has been an absolute inspiration for all the women of the country and she has proved that even in a male dominant society a woman can break all the barriers and can come out victorious. Even though we knew a lot about her life and her career as an actress and a politician there is still a handful of things that many do not know about. Let us see some of the rare things you did not know about Dr.J.Jayalalithaa.

1. Jayalalithaa’s Mother was an actress too

jayalalitha-kissed-by-her-motherActing was in Jayalalithaa’s blood. It was a skill which she inherited from her mother Vedavalli a.k.a Sandhya(Her stage name). Jayalalithaa’s mother worked as an actress in local drama companies and Tamil cinema. She followed in her mother’s footsteps, first as a child actor. At the age of 15, she played a leading role in the Kannada film Chinnada Gombe, which became a runaway success.

2. Jayalalithaa First Appeared As Lord Krishna

Many of us definitely did not know about this fact. In one of her first movie appearances, she played the role of Lord Krishna in a three-minute dance sequence. It was a 1962 bollywood film called Man-Mauji, starring Kishore Kumar.

3. Jayalalithaa Could Not Watch Her Debut In Theatre

2a359857338b36916644de5ae5622aab_pt_xlJayalalithaa’s first Tamil film, Vennira Aadai, in 1965 made history even before its release by getting an “A” certificate as an adults-only film. Its was a rare event in those days for a movie to get an “A” certificate. Before this, a Tamil film had got an “A” certificate in 1951The “A” certificate meant that Jaya herself couldn’t watch the movie as she was only 17. The movie was an instant hit and ran in theatres for over a 100 days. Jayalalithaa got rave reviews. Thousands became her fans overnight. A star was born!

4. Jayalalithaa Was A Box Office Queen

jayalalithaa-001_10350When Jayalalitha was first cast opposite MGR, he was 48 years old and she was just 17. Despite the huge age difference, the pair became a superhit. They acted in 28 films together, out of which 24 were box office bonanzas.What people don’t know is that it was MGR’s wife, Janki, who insisted on him casting Jaya in his first technicolour production.

5. Jayalalithaa Was The Highest Paid Actress

Well this did not surprise me. Being a top actress in more than 3 languages and starring opposite all the top actors of her time, its not a surprising factor that she was one of the most highest paid actress of her time. She became the highest paid actress in the Tamil film industry in 1966 after 11 consecutive hits that year. She was also the highest paid Indian actress from 1964-1980.

6, Jayalalithaa Was a Phenomenal Star 

jayalalithaaShe acted in over 125 movies and played double roles in eight of them. She holds the record for being the Tamil actress with the maximum number of silver jubilee hits.84 of her 89 Tamil films were smash hits and all 28 of her Telugu films were a runaway success. She also gave five hits in Kannada and starred in one English and one Hindi film. Her role opposite Dharmendra in the 1968 film, Izzat, was appreciated by many. And the best part is that she could speak more than 5 languages very fluently due to which her dialogue delivery in all those movies were stunning as well.

7. Jayalalithaa’s House Is Worth Rs.43 Crores

Being the highest paid actress of her time, She definitely led her life in lime light and her fame had paid her with lot of luxury which she did not fail to flaunt time to time. One of them was her house in Poes Garden,Chennai. She bought her bungalow Veda Nilayam in Poes Gardens, Chennai for Rs 1.32 crore in 1967. It’s currently valued at Rs 43.96 crore. She named it “VEDA NILAYAM”  in the memory of her mother Vedavalli.

8. First Female And The Youngest Chief Minister

whatsapp-image-2016-12-06-at-6-58-15-amJayalalithaa has achieved a lot in her lifetime and has broken barriers which were tagged impossible for any woman to do. In 1991, Jayalalithaa became the first female(and the youngest) chief minister of Tamil Nadu to serve a full term.At the age of 43. She made a record as she was the first female Chief Minister in Indian political history. This was an important achievement in her political career which proved that this woman is filled with will power and the strength to go against anything to achieve what she wants.

9. Jayalalithaa Was Also Know As Ammu

Jayalalithaa was be referred to as Puratchi Thalaivi and popularly known as Amma(mother)  but she was also called ‘Ammu’ by close family members and co-stars.

10. Jayalalithaa’s “Unfortunate” Guinness Record

The Iron lady was known for many of her extraordinary achievements but she also had to face a lot of defeats in her career as a party leader.Unfortunately, the feat which won her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records proved to be her downfall in the 1996 elections.The incumbent Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK) government was defeated in a landslide with its leader and outgoing chief minister J. Jayalalitha losing the election from the Bargur constituency.


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