Top 7 Things That Makes Android Better Than iOS

sshot4e64743441515Android vs iOS war has been around for almost a decade now and there are several places where Android easily dumps iOS to trash. Being a dominant figure in the smartphone industry, Android did not get to this monopolistic position overnight. We do accept that there are few things that iPhones do better than Android devices. But there are a ton of things that Android can do that only iOS users can dream of. Here are Top 7 things that makes Android devices better than iOS devices.

7. Variety

download-2One of the most frustrating things about iOS devices is that, its got no variety. What do we mean by variety here is that, you just get only a single type of iOS 10 device and thats available only from Apple but in the case of Android, right from the begining of time Android phones came in tons of varieties. You get pretty much the same software features in a variety of design, aesthetics and different hardware abilities. For example, lets take person A who is fond of great camera but not loud speakers, person B who is fond of speakers and does not care about camera and person C who needs both. In this case there is an Android phone for every kind of person, you can be A or B or C. But in the case of iOS, well you are left with only what comes from Apple and thats it. The main reason for this is because there are probably hundreds of manufacturers for Android but just one for iOS. Thats kind of a bummer :P.

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6. Widgets

Now all you Apple fan boys and girls out there, don’t jump out of your couch claiming “iOS 10 has widgets too” . LOL!! Android devices have been providing widgets right from Ginger Bread. And not to mention the fact that iPhone’s widgets are so limited in functionality and can only work in your lock screen and not in your home screen. Unlike in Android devices, a widget is a widget and works everywhere in your phone or tab giving you all the essential information about the current status of the app without requiring you to open up the app ( or lock you screen to use the widget ) . iPhones and iPads suck when it comes to widgets, big time.

5. Multi-Tasking

apple-iphone-6-ridiculed-1Just like widgets, multi-tasking has been implemented in many Android devices since 2013 and even today many stock Android devices lack multitasking as smooth as other devices. Of course iOS devices can do multi tasking to a certain limit, but multi tasking to an extent of multiple windows at the same time in a phone is still a far away future for iPhones and has just given its entry for the tablet category devices. Hurry up Apple, your loyal customers are still waiting for 2013.

4. Customization

iav1Android and customization are synonymous to each other and iOS devices are no where near the term customization now and it does not look like it is going to be in near future also. Install  a launcher and you can completely change the way your device looks and feels. Add an icon pack and customize your phone to your current taste and trends. Some companies have even gone as far as providing a theme store ( like the one in Xiomi and Redmi phones ) that gives very well suiting customization options to your device. But in the case of iOS devices, it just the one look that you get out of the box. You cannot change the way your phone animates and you cannot change the icons. Its so ironical that Android phones can even look like iPhones when you add a theme or launcher but an iPhone cannot look and function like an Android phone.

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3. Custom Roms

62928070Well this is not an out of the box feature for every Android phone but some phones do have them. Android users have been gifted with enormous amount of developer support that goes as far as giving them the freedom of custom operating systems that a user can install if his/her manufacturer is slow in providing updates and also to improve the efficiency of the device by juicing out every bit of the hardware’s capability. But when iPhones or iPads are concerned, they are not even in the scene and they have no hopes of getting a Custom-Rom as iOS is not open source.

2. Google Integration

download-3All you iPhone users out there, you can boast all about Siri but you just can’t deny the fact that by the introduction of the Google Assistant, Android phones jumped several steps ahead of Apple and the level of artificial intelligence that Google has integrated into its new assistant is atleast 2 or 3 years ahead of Siri. Like Google claims, Google Assistant is a customized google for every individual user unlike the Google now app which was like “one google” for everyone. Google Assistant can integrate even 3rd party apps more efficiently than what Siri can do.

1. Pricing

the-internet-is-already-making-fun-of-the-iphone-7-508094-5I am not saying that all Android phones are cheap and affordable, but most of the unaffordable flagship Android phones are still cheaper than the most cheapest iPhone. And the worst part is, except for very few good features, no iOS product justifies its price point which makes it even worse. No one could understand why Apple can’t  sell their phones for an affordable price. A wide variety of devices with different designs and specs means that Android has something for you at just about any budget.

So this is my list of reasons where Android outplays iOS. Still gonna buy an iPhone? Think twice 😉 . And if you think I am wrong then here is my lis of Top 7 Things That Make iOS Better Than Android. Hope you have a good day, peace 🙂✌.




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