Nokia Is Back With A Bang-Nokia 6 Reaction

connecting-pplRemember Nokia? The company that dominated the entire mobile phone industry till the mid 2000’s was nothing less than a sensation back in the days. It was like as if Nokia cannot be defeated in the mobile phone industry, but was ultimately defeated due to its slow adaptation to the change of technological trends in the industry after the introduction of the smart phones in the  mid 2000’s. Nokia was in a monopolistic position until it lost its market share to Android and iOS in the late 2000’s. But guess what Nokia is back with a bang!! 2017 has started off great for Nokia as it has recently announced its new Android based mid range phone, Nokia 6 and has planned to announce it’s flagship around the mid 2017.

Quick Peek Into The Past

nokia-6600Nokia mobile phone was probably the first mobile phone many of us owned or probably saw. As we all know, Nokia was no ordinary company and if I travel back in time and say that Nokia will fall in the late 2000’s, everyone would laugh at me and say that I was a moron. Nokia was in a powerful monopolistic position, which it had lost because it failed to adapt itself to the growth of the industry and the competitors. The real fall of Nokia started in the year 2007 when Apple first released its original iPhone and the entire mobile phone industry started to take off with a lot of pace and Nokia was too slow for it. Soon after a year Google came up with its first Android phone and then it was all about Android vs iOS war and Nokia started to fall out of the3b06f909-24f4-47ba-9206-2fbf5ae86570 competition. Nokia’s real fall was due to an internal power struggle within the R&D when one side came up with a new Symbion OS and another with the Meego software. But both failed due to lack of an app store similar to that of Apple and Android. Finally in february of 2011 Nokia announced its major partnership with Microsoft to adopt Windows as its mobile platform and we all know how that turned out and the rest is history.

Nokia Is Back With Nokia 6

nokia_6_main_1483863929844Most of us still talk about how awesome Nokia phones were and especially about its durability. Nokia has still got its brand image and loyalty intact. With that all being said, after a lot of rumors and gossips, Nokia finally announced its return with the announcement of the Nokia 6, a mid range phone which has a 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory and uses the Snapdragon 430 chipset and will run the Android Nougat 7.0 probably with it’s own skin on top of it. The unibody Nokia 6 is built using 6000 series aluminium and its home button has an embedded fingerprint scanner. It packs a f/2.0 16-megapixel rear camera with phase detection auto focus and dual-tone flash, as well as an 8-megapixel f/2.0 front camera for selfies. The smartphone also includes Dolby Atmos tech and ‘dual amplifiers’ for louder sound and finally a 3000 mAh battery to power the phone. But it represents the modern design ethics of a smartphone with a 1920×1080 HD screen measuring 5.5 inches on the diagonal. Nokia 6 is being manufactured by a Finnish company called HMD Global which was founded by former employees of Nokia.

Reception And Reaction

b8d731a521810fa61ade2ad4bd3949e9b3d83c0dThe good news is Nokia is back and the bad news is Nokia 6 will be available only in China and it is also priced at 1699 CNY (roughly Rs. 16,750) and will only be available exclusively at Although the whole world was literally at the edge of its seats about the announcement of the new Nokia phones, it was slightly taken aback when Nokia said it was going to ship Nokia phones with QSD 430 for this price point. We all know that QSD 430 is not a powerful processor and the announcement of Nokia 6 with this low powered chipset was a surprise. Nokia better optimize their OS platform so as to make things smoother in QSD 430 and since Nokia is known for its durable phones, I think we can expect somewhat same from Nokia 6 too. But hey, its Nokia and we all love it.



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