Titanic Stories- 3 Mistakes Of Rose That Killed Jack


Now we all know the story of the RMS Titanic, a magnificent ship that sunk in the Atlantic on April 14, 1914. It was nothing less than a disaster and also a very tragic thing for a ship to sink on her maiden voyage. But today, we are not going to discuss about the unfortunate fate of the RMS Titanic. We are just going to discuss an event from the 1997 movie Titanic. The love story of Jack and Rose was as pure as Romeo and Juliet ( May be slightly exaggerated, but that’s what I felt 😛 ) and it is also one of the most famous love stories in the world of cinema which did not end too well :(. But if you guys pay some extra attention to the details of the movie, you might share my opinion that Rose was the one who killed Jack.


Am I Drunk Or Crazy?

No I am not!! I am as sober as Judge. I was watching Titanic again this weekend for probably 10th time and started to see the story in a different perspective and realized that poor Jack Dawson was killed by Rose. I have more than one reason to prove that I am right. Lets jump right into it.

I Am Not The Only One

When I told my friends about what I felt about the “Not So” eternal love story of Jack and Rose, some agreed and some just bluntly disagreed. But after hearing my testimony, I could clearly see some change of perspective in them too.

Mistake 1

Now the most famous among these accusations on Rose originated from this scene below.


Now if you can see the debris carefully, it had plenty of room for the two and they both could have survived easily, if Rose had not been selfish. At least they could have taken turns on the debris, that might have saved poor Jack from freezing to death 😛 .

         rosejack2 rose-from-titanic-y-u-no-let-jack-on-door-too

Mistake 2

Now this is where the stupidity of Rose played a major part in killing Jack. Rose had the chance to get on a life boat and leave but she decided to jump of the life boat to a sinking ship, just so that she could be with him. Awwww ❤ ❤ Sooo cuuuteeeee. whatsapp-image-2017-02-19-at-6-02-15-pmBut not so cute in real. Just imagine. If Rose had left in the life boat and saved her self, then Jack’s life was the only life he needed to save and therefore that increases the probability of his survival. Who knows, Jack might have climbed up the wooded debris and he would have survived and these two love birds could have joined hands in New York. Jack lost his life because of Rose’s decision of being melodramatic instead of thinking practical in the hour of need. Not so cheesy Rose 😛 .

Mistake 3

Now this action of Rose can be put down as the king of stupidity. When she was leaving with Jack after the “erotic” painting scene, she could have simply left with the sketch quietly. Instead she decided to leave a note to her fiance before she left.

whatsapp-image-2017-02-19-at-5-47-05-pm whatsapp-image-2017-02-19-at-6-18-02-pmwho had some serious anger management issues and further infuriated him which made him to frame Jack for the theft of the heart of the ocean and also chase them till the end and complicated a lot of things. Some of the complications included Jack being in chains, Jack and Rose nearly drowned 3 times, they were shot at by Hockley ( Her fiance). By the time Rose and Jack made it back to the deck, the last life boat had left which left them on the sinking tail of the Titanic. If i was Jack, I would have dumped her the moment I was shot at and would have thought about saving my self. Anyways, they met only few days back and it would not have been a crime dumping a stupid girl.

7094b35ed8d9a8cfc0a72427d80f3353Now these were the few mistakes by Rose that killed Jack. Whatever might be the reason, the love story of Jack and Rose was undoubtedly one of the best that was ever told in a film according to me.



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